Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CorelDRAW based cartoon series (2)

Third, the male body

In contrast, the male body shape is easier to create. Just use a simple shape, you can quickly create the shape of a body. There are many ways, here we come to draw a more lovely.

1. Open CorelDraw, create a 400x400 pixel canvas, select the rectangle tool, draw a rectangle on the canvas. Select from the arrangements, "into a curve" command, use the modeling tools to choose the above two nodes, so that they move closer to the center, as shown in Figure 37.

(Figure 37)

2. Right-click on each node, from the context menu select "into a curve" (To Curve); again, right-click on each node, this time from the pop-up menu, select "Smooth Node" (Smooth), image Each of the root are perfectly smooth straight up. (Figure 38)

(Figure 38)

3. Right-click the left-most node, the node in the menu increases, the bottom curve in the middle of adding a node, repeat; then right-click the node, choose to increase, now the nodes are all about adding a new node. (Figure 39)

(Figure 39)

4. Were to drag the nodes in different directions so that they located the curve looks like a shirt hem. Do not care about it really conforms to the clothing of the situation, make yourself like. (Figure 40)

(Figure 40)

5. If you have read the previous two tutorials, you should now know how to fill for the object you like color. We are now part of the completion of it as the hero of the upper body. (Figure 41)

(Figure 41)

6. With the selection tool select the object, press the keypad +, in situ replication of a copy, click on the vertical column attributes mirror button to copy the vertical flip, drag to the right place. In the arrangements> Order menu on the rear command (Arrange> Order> To Back), the copy on the following. Thus, lower body also. (Figure 42)

(Figure 42)

7. According to the method to reproduce the previous step once with the mouse to stretch the bottom of the copy control point up and drag a copy of the vertical compression (Fig. 43). After the implementation of home order, to put it under the original object, and then transverse stretching - this arm as a character is really quite an exaggeration! (Figure 44)

(Figure 43)


(Figure 44)

8. Now we come to him with a little decoration. Just add a simple tie it! Select the polygon tool, the number of edges in the column attribute to 3, draw a triangle space in page, fill your favorite color, it would be transformed into curves. (Figure 45)

(Figure 45)

9. Down the stretch the triangle, and place it on character in. (Figure 46)

(Figure 46)

10. Legs create more simple people unexpectedly. Just draw a line in the appropriate position on it. After all, this is a cartoon it! (Figure 47)

(Figure 47)

11. Shoes are also very good deal. With the ellipse tool draw an ellipse, filled black shoes to complete the first one. Then step 6 the method by copying a copy of the level of image processing to do, get the second only shoes. (Figure 48)

(Figure 48)

12. A little decoration will beautify your work well. Here, I would like to add more details to him to make the image richer. With the rectangle tool to draw a narrow rectangle as the exposed part of the shirt, and then draw a few grains of buttons, of course, the color is up to you to choose. Should adjust their target sequence. (Figure 49)

(Figure 49)

13. Plus get started the final part of this lovely image is complete. (Figure 50)

(Figure 50)


This is a simple drawing of a male body shape process. You can start from a rectangle, shape it into the shape we need. Can also start from the other shape, it should be shaped according to your characters to be determined. You can refer to the following example. Once the understanding of the first, then the following problems will be solved. (Figure 51 ~ 56)

Figure 51

Figure 52

Figure 53

Figure 54

Figure 55

Figure 56

Finally this is not very interesting? May shorten his shirt, then put on a bright his Hawaiian shorts? Can do are endless! If he is tired of doing man, you can even turn him into a girl! To see your friends!

To facilitate learning, we also provided some. Cdr format of the source file, want to help you.

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